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Good Afternoon Lovelies!

Last night I was dragged to Harlem once again and I figured this time I would share some outfit deets with you beautiful ladies.

We ended up in two different venues, both didn’t have a required dress code so we winged it. I decided to keep it simple and pair a body suit with ripped jeans and a classic black heel. This summer I’ve been really feeling the body suit vibe.

1. Because they’re so easy to dress up and dress down.

2. They’re perfect for lazy people. lol, Sometimes I don’t feel like searching through my closet for more than 5 mins. – Don’t. Judge. Me.

Simple Girl’s Night Apparel 

I love the simplicity of the outfit. It’s like I tried, but not really, if that makes sense. It’s wonderful!

I got this bad boy sometime this summer. At the Forever 21 location in my area, they had a MAJOR bodysuit sale which was awesome because I was able to stack up and add to my growing collection. This green one is my favorite due to its comfortability and the velvet feel. Who doesn’t love velvet? It almost gives me a Christmas sort of vibe – just minus the cold. Unfortunately, they no longer have this item on their website, but they have a body suit that is somewhat similar. I’ve included the link below.

Green Bodysuit!

Look Back At It

I purchased these jeans at Forever 21 as well. There are a million and one denim boyfriend jeans on their website (okay, I’m over exaggerating, but their collection is extensive) You can pair bodysuits with any pair of jeans and they’ll look amazing. If I wanted to dress this outfit down, I could swap the heels for a pair of Keds, Toms, or sandals. Also, my heels were purchased at Lolashoetique.com.

If you haven’t seen my post about how amazing their shoes are you can click on the link below.

Lolashoetique Review!

Flight Jackets = Fun 

It was a bit chilly yesterday, so I threw on this amazing green flight jacket that I low key stole from my boyfriend. Thanks, babe! This bomber jacket is at least 2 sizes too big for me, but I love it for that reason. I think male bombers have much more space than female bombers. I kid you not, I spend a lot of time shopping in his closet for looser fit T’s and jackets instead of purchasing them myself.


Sunglasses: Perverse

Clutch: G.I.L.I

Necklace: Aldos

Let me know what you guys think – sound off in the comments!

Until next time…


Dae Dae



  1. September 19, 2017 / 12:26 am

    i love this look. I love how the bomber fits oversized on you. kayuteee.

    • September 19, 2017 / 1:23 am

      Thanks, girl! I’ve never been a fan of form-fitted jackets. Mostly because of my bust, but it works out in a way because oversized jackets are so much cooler lol.

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