10 amazing things that happen when you get comfortable in your relationship

Most of the time when you tell people that you’re comfortable in your relationship they look at you like you have a sign on your forehead that reads “I’m a blasted idiot.” I have no idea why that always comes with some sort of negative connotation but people never cease to amaze me with the foolishness. Getting past the honeymoon phase and into the “we” phase doesn’t mean any less excitement- in fact, It’s pretty awesome. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship then you know exactly what I mean. So, here are 10 pretty cool things that happen when you get comfortable in your relationship!

1. You eat like a human, and not a pigeon

The days of worrying if you have food on your face are totally over. You’ve learned that eating like a normal person is ACCEPTABLE. He won’t judge you or your obnoxiously large burger. You can kiss those salads goodbye!

2. You can show off your silly side

If cracking inappropriate jokes is your thing, you no longer have to hide it. The things that make you odd or goofy are a part of your charm. He has already fallen in love with you and all of your silliness.

3. You can pee with the door open 

Now I know this may possibly sound gross to a single person, but believe it or not it’s quite common. How else are you supposed to hear what your partner is saying when you’re on the toilet?

4. He isn’t ashamed to purchase your pads or tampons 

You no longer have to shy away from the period conversation. He isn’t embarrassed to help you out in your time of need; just like you aren’t embarrassed to purchase his monthly Playboy magazine. Teamwork at its finest.

5. He has your Netflix password

 We all know how special that $7 membership with Netflix is. Giving him access to the Netflix queue is like giving him your car keys…for an entire week. It’s a big deal people.

6. You pass gas in front of each other…all of the time

 The days of holding it in are long gone…just let it go.

7. He’s seen you barefaced

You no longer have to try at every moment to be the perfect version of yourself. Nine times out often, when he comes over you’ve removed your wig, and you’re in a T-shirt and sweats. Naturally beautiful. Plus when he wakes up next to you he won’t have to wonder “wth happened to the girl from last night.” Ha!

8. TMI (too much information.) 

You constantly over share. At the end of each day, he’s able to tell you how many times you’ve gone to the bathroom. Makes for interesting conversation…doesn’t it?

9. You go Dutch

The guy-always-pays scenario no longer applies to you. You pick up the tab every now and then because you got it like that… you take care of your boo!

10. You can state how you feel without turning it into an argument

You’ve learned how to communicate your problems without hurting each other’s feelings. Remember PROPER communication is the key to a successful relationship.


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    • September 1, 2017 / 7:11 pm

      It’s so much easier! He knows I’m low key crazy and he accepts it. 5 years is a long time btw lol kudos to you guys 👍🏾

  1. September 1, 2017 / 9:05 pm

    Made it to a couple of these with my guy, we’ve been together a year, but not all of them! Especially looking forward to number #10. I just want him to communicate his feelings period! He’s one of those men who has trouble opening up. *sigh*

    • September 2, 2017 / 4:13 am

      One year is a solid amount of time lol kudos to you guys! It took a while for my boyfriend and me to get to number 10 as well. We’re three and a half years in now. He never really wanted to communicate how he was feeling – he would shut down a lot. One day we had a real conversation about the importance of communication and how I can’t read his mind etc. He started to open up slowly and now.. here we are! Yvonne, have that conversation, be honest, and help him adjust. He’ll come around. Good luck!

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