The Bouncer With The foot fetish


… I promise I’m not making this up.

The other night my girls and I decided that we should finally have our long overdue girls night. They chose an impromptu location…Harlem. Now, I’m more of an “I’ll  like stay within familiar boroughs” sort of woman, but this time I was overruled. Woe is me.

I decided to pretend like I had a substantial amount of money that weekend and charted a Uber from Queens to Harlem. (Don’t judge me). I finally get there – last to arrive because I’m always late, meet up with the girls and we start our weekend celebrations. Half way through the party a young lady walks up to my best friend and accuses her of stealing her money. Wait, what?! Mind you, we were sitting at the same table with her for over an hour, AND she was sitting directly in front of us. Meaning, if my friend went into her purse she would have seen her right then and there. At this point, I’m wondering where the hell her friends are while grilling the dude she was dancing with all night. He looks back at me and proceeds to shake his head at the woman.

So…You’re not going to get your girl?

Then he tells us that he doesn’t know her, which is crazy because they were cuddled up at the table the ENTIRE NIGHT. Okay, sir, whatever you say. You guys, in the midst of his explanations the woman continues to press my friend. At this point, people are starting to notice the commotion and the bouncers start to make their over. I turn around for one second and the next thing I know, I hear glass breaking and my toe is sprinkled with liquor. I turn back around and see that she broke her glass by throwing it off of the table. Wait… she tried to hit me with a glass? My friends start screaming asking me if I was hit, but I was still confused as to what is happening, and why my suede shoe had to be the one to suffer. Why Jesus? Before any of us had a chance to react the bouncers finally made their way over and dragged her out of the bar.

My thing is, who gets that drunk knowing that they’re by themselves! She was beligerant leaning to left and trying to shove her fingers in people’s faces. Alcohol, dark spaces and black people who can’t hold their liquor clearly don’t mix. #HotMess

We left shortly after that and walked to a bar across the street. We get inside to get our drinks and have a seat. We’re in the corner busy trying to take pictures of our matching tattoos when a woman walks over to us and says  Hey, so someone sent me over here to ask if I could talk a picture of y’all’s feet. Please just say no because I really don’t want to” I kid you not, we were silent staring at each other for at least 45 seconds. Say what now?

She repeats herself while low-key pointing at one of the bouncers in the corner. After cackling and telling her no she smiles and walks away. Less than 5 minutes later the bouncer walks over and declares that he was the one who requested the picture. Now its super are we supposed to respond to that? My friend casually asks him “How many pictures of feet do you have on your phone?” His response – “None it’s just me.”


According to him he just loves women who take care of themselves.. aka he’s obsessed with toes and wanted to add us to his overflowing toe picture collection.

What would you have done if a random man or woman asked to take a foot flick? Would you do it? Do tell!

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Daé Daé




  1. November 5, 2017 / 11:24 pm

    So interesting that I had to share! I love heels (even though I am not gay) and have more pictures of women in pretty heels than I care to admit! 👀

    • November 7, 2017 / 1:55 am

      Really lol! That night was crazy. I’m glad you enjoyed it though! I was actually thinking about getting rid of the “Storytime” Section, I was starting to feel like people weren’t really into it…and now here you are!

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