10 mistakes women make in their 20s

For instance, buying a $250 Michael Kors bag on a $200 budget won’t make you fabulous.. just broke.Drunk dialing/texting – Girl, the anxiety that you feel in that split second you roll over and lock eyes with your unloyal ass iPhone. I feel your pain.

Splurging on Beauty Products You definitely don’t need 

If you’re anything like me then, you’ve dropped a bunch of money on beauty products you don’t even know how to use, convinced yourself that you’ll watch the YouTube gurus and finally learn something…BUT 2 months later your $75 worth of beauty products are causally collecting dust.

Being addicted to social media 

As soon as your eyes open, you reach for your phone. You spend an extra 10 minutes in bed scrolling through your Snapchat and Instagram feed. Congratulations, you’re officially LATE. Put the phone down and go brush your teeth.

Jacked up sleeping pattern 

I mean honestly, who has time for sleep right? “Why should I waste time sleeping, I have shit to do!” Make sure you’re singing the same tune while your alarm clock is screaming at 6 AM.

Fake healthy phase 

During the day we enjoy our little green juice and “healthy snacks”. At night we’re twerking and wrapping up the night by busting down halal food at 4 in the morning. In other words, your body is confused as shit.

Blaming others for damn near everything 

Stop your whining and hold yourself accountable! You’re not 16 anymore you’re a full-fledged adult. Don’t rely solely on other people, and most importantly don’t doubt yourself, you got this!

Fearing Failure 

*Sings* If at first, you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again! Remember failing is a part of the learning process. Some of the best successes come out of failures.

Having bad table manners 

Definitely one of my pet peeves… I CAN’T. Tempted to talk with your mouth full, don’t. Wipe your hand on your shirt, don’t. Reaching across people’s food to get salt or pepper is not okay. Most importantly, don’t sit there on your phone when someone is talking to you. Honestly, how rude is that? Come on now, do better!

Keeping Negative Nancy’s in your life 

To sum it up, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” You’re busy setting up the rest of your life you certainly don’t have time to waste with people who don’t have your best interest at heart. Cut them loose and move on.

Living beyond your means 

Ask yourself, can you really afford that $400 belt? Are you bout that life? Nine times out of ten the answer is probably no. My best advice to you – understand the difference between necessity and desire. You don’t need that $400 belt, you know you can go to Target, Forever 21, or H&M and get one for $15.00 – stop playing.

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