If The Shoe Fits, Buy It In Every Color!

Ladies, ladies, ladies!

Before we get started, let me just say, “Yes I’m a shoeaholic, No, I don’t need help.” Seriously..I have a problem. During the last unfortunate months of winter, I began my annual pre spring tradition. Shoe stacking!! I search the web for cute shoes at a decent price. There are certain sites that I visit frequently such as Necessary Clothing & Go Jane but I wanted something new. Why? Because one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing women in shoes that I own so I looked else where. On one fateful day I stumbled across a shoetique on Instagram… & let me tell you… that was a glorious day! Not only are their shoes super cute they’re relatively inexpensive!

Pay a little visit to the Steve Madden website. I guarantee you will find a great looking pair of heels. Then you peep the price and you realize the shoes are cute …but they’re not THAT cute. Now, imagine if you could find a similar shoe for a fraction of the price… ugh sounds good to me! Now I know I said previously I hate seeing women with my shoes, but what woman doesn’t? Luckily, today I’m in a sharing mood. Spring time is here and we can definitely all stunt together.

Great! Now let’s talk about the shoes! Lolashoetique is a shoe retailer based in the United States. Unfortunately, they’re located exclusively in California. Hopefully, they branch out to New York SOON… I swear my shoe life would be complete if they did… Lord knows. The good thing is they ship worldwide. I’m sure the shipping cost varies depending on which state/country you live in. But for us New York girls, it’s a solid $8.00 & they use UPS. THANK GOD, because you know that the US Post Office does way too much and they’re always losing something..always.

Tracking the order is super easy, plus you constantly get updates about the status of your package.

I must say Miss Lola’s packing skills are pretty amazing. The shoes come enclosed in 4 layers of packaging. Here is what the package looks like when it arrives.

The best part about the initial package besides the shoes are the pink shoe bags. Though, I am not a huge fan of pink I absolutely love these shoe bags. If you have a shoe closet and don’t necessarily need the bags you could always use them for something else. They’re way too cute to throw away.

Each package includes these cards. The thank you card is filled with return and exchange information. The other contains their social media information. I love that shoe-a-holic card!

Underneath all the beautiful wrapping you will find what ever sexy ass shoe you ordered in a clear plastic bag.


These beauties are called “Kimmie” I believe they were $45.00. Unfortunately, they are out of stock. If you’re interested in them you will have to monitor the website and wait for them to be restocked. The shoes move pretty quickly so you’ll have to STALK them down. They came in Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Nude, and Black,

I have ordered about 7 pairs of shoes in counting! Yes, seven! You can check them out below along with the names and prices of each shoe. I will include a link if the shoe is still available.

Shoe sizes vary depending on the shoe. The general sizes are 5-11, and yes ladies they have half sizes. Depending on the shoe you may be able to find for example a 9.5. However, every shoe on the site may not offer half sizes, that goes for size 11 as well. Not all shoes come in all sizes. As for the width, there are no specifications. However, before you purchase be sure to read the SIZE GUIDE which is located above the size chart. Some shoes are true to size others you may need to buy a half size up, you can find that information in the SIZE GUI|DE. 

Happy Shopping!!

Striking Reveal – $39.00 Aren’t these amazing?! The quality of the shoes is pretty good. I love the mesh front and the cute peep toe. Interestingly enough, the material is man made. They look great, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing them for long periods of time. Peep toes can be killer… I’m sure I don’t have to tell you guys that though. No pain no gain! These are definitely the straight from the car to the restaurant shoes lol, no extra walking!

PS. The dress is from JC Penny.

Making Moves – $31.99 Platforms at their finest. These shoes include cushioned insoles, a comfortable over the toes strap as well as an ankle strap. The heel is 5inches but they’re surprisingly comfortable. Please excuse the toe marks! I wear these shoes all the time. At the moment Lola only has them in black, but when all of the colors are in stock you can choose from Black, Wine, Red and Hot Pink.

Neville – $34.99  Who doesn’t love a floral shoe?! These are my absolute favorite, they are extremely comfortable and durable. These shoes can be worn for long periods of time without that annoying pinching toe feeling. For open toed shoes, you have to make sure you purchase a comfortable pair. I’m all about that bandaid toe life but obviously you can’t do that with this type of shoe. If you’re into floral shoes then I would definitely recommend a pair like Neville. Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock on the website. They’ve been up there for a while so I’m not sure if they will be restocked any time soon. Luckily, there are a bunch of different floral shoes on the site. One pair that is very similar to these is called Weekend Guide.

Jeans – Necessary Clothing

Shirt – Forever 21

Bangles – Forever 21

Chic Aesthetics – $39.99  I guess these are a hit or miss. Some people love them, some people hate them, I just happen to be obsessed with them. First and foremost, they’re coral which is a huge spring trend, and they include those gold buckles! Who doesn’t love gold?! This pair is no longer available, but they MIGHT come back in stock. Like I said earlier if you see a shoe in this post that you’re interested in purchasing but it is no longer available, you must constantly monitor the site. They always add new shoes and there’s always a sale happening. These shoes were available in coral, nude, and black.

Naya (Aqua) – $26.99  I know single sole shoes aren’t for everyone and that’s fine, but how could you say no to such an electric color…humm?? Initially, I planned on only ordering this shoe in the mint color that you will see below, but a good friend of mine talked me into ordering both. Thanks, Brianna! I absolutely love this shoe. Its chic simplicity will liven up any and every outfit! I can’t wait to color block with these babies! The material is man made (that goes for all of their shoes) Naya isn’t suede but it feels similar. They’re only $26.99! They are currently in stock so move quickly! Naya comes in Black, Nude, Aqua, Bubble Gum, Yellow, Silver, and Champagne.

Naya (Mint) $26.99 – Sadly, this color is no longer available. As listed above you can find them in a variety of different colors. Love love love these shoes! The toe strap is comfortable and reliable. No toes slippage over here. These shoes can be styled with everything, formal wear, distressed jeans, etc. They include a cushioned insole and an adjustable ankle strap. The heel is 4.5 inches & as far as I’m concerned they are true to size. Again, please excuse the toe marks!

Hands down Lola Shoetique is one of the best shoe websites I’ve ever ordered from. The quality of their shoes is pretty great for the price. I mean, what more could you possibly ask for? You get to walk around looking like a million bucks in $40 shoes. Uhh Hello! Wake up and smell the deal ladies! This Shoetique is growing in clientele, as it should. Due to their quick deliveries and easy exchange/return process, their customers should have no reason to complain. I can honestly say I am a Lola Shoetique lover for LIFE.

I will update you guys with purchases as well as when some of the shoes in this post are back in stock, so be on the lookout!

Are you ready to be a Lola Shoe-lover?

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Happy Shopping!


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